Alternate Work Site Relocation Plan

Michael Herrera

Do you have a high-level global plan that summarizes the requirements to relocate your business units from your primary site to the alternate work site?  Even though your business unit recovery plan outlines how each unit will move to its alternate site, the BCP office should have a global plan summarizing the migration the alternate site.

Alternate Work Site Relocation Plan Sample Table of Contents:

  • Activate the Alternate Site-The steps to activate the specific alternate sites and prepare them for incoming business units.
  • Resume Operations-The steps to globally reestablish operations at the alternate sites including room setup, technology setup, physical security, etc.
  • Return to Normal-The steps to ensure operations are as normal as they can be during the recovery efforts.
  • Return Home-The high level steps to return the business units to their primary site in an organized, logical fashion.
  • Appendices
    • Alternate Site Contact List
    • Alternate Site Seating Matrix by Criticality
    • Alternate Site Travel Arrangements
    • Alternate Site Fact Sheet and Map

This plan gives the BCP office a manageable document that will ensure the successful relocation of multiple business units to one or more alternate sites.  Additionally, each business unit should have a contract with its alternate site so that there is a clear expectation as to what will be provided at time of disaster as well as ensuring that the site will not be oversold and not have room when the time comes.

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