Program Augmentation

MHA Consulting will help you strengthen your business continuity plan, optimizing your resiliency and safeguarding you from risk.

There is an upward trend in the outsourcing of Business Continuity Management (BCM) and IT Disaster Recovery (IT/DR) programs. Companies want to focus on their core business while continuing to see progress in their recovery program. These companies are not always able to hire the right internal resources to develop an executable program and are redefining what was once primarily a cost-cutting measure into a cornerstone of business success.

MHA can quickly accelerate your level of preparedness and recovery capability while reducing the risk of failed implementation, ineffective use of resources, and waste of valuable corporate dollars through our outsourcing services.

Business Continuity Program Augmentation

Service Commitment

MHA has a proven track record of working with new programs or with existing programs that need help to get to the next level. We currently serve as the BCP and/or DR Office for clients ranging in size from small (less than a billion dollars) to large (Fortune 20). MHA’s senior consultants are designated to handle the day-to-day details of your account. Regular program status reporting is conducted to ensure we are meeting your needs.


Quality Personnel

MHA employs senior level BCM and DR staff with an average of 15 years of proven experience across their respective areas of expertise. Each outsourced program is managed by a senior level resource who is directly responsible for the program’s success.


Migration Plan

MHA can develop a customized migration plan to hand over operational responsibility for a BCM or DR program. MHA first assesses the current state of each client’s program using industry best practices and our BCMMetrics™ tool. Next, we meet with the client to discuss the gaps between the program, the industry and our experience. We discuss what is consistent with best practices, the opportunities for improvement and any serious exposures that need immediate attention. Based on this review, we identify what existing information/capabilities can be leveraged, what needs to be changed and what can’t be used going forward. This results in the client and MHA defining a tailored roadmap and approach to the BCM and/or DR process.



The results of the initial Current State Assessment (CSA) and roadmap drive the development of a tailored annual Statement of Work (SOW) that outlines the deliverables and tasks to be achieved by quarter. The expense of an annual outsourcing agreement is similar to the fully loaded cost of hiring a senior level BCM or DR planner to manage your program. But, with the annual outsourcing agreement at MHA, you get the number of resources needed to meet roadmap deliverables without increasing your cost. The cost is the same whether you need three resources or only one. The cost of the outsourcing agreement typically decreases each year as components move into maintenance mode and no longer require extensive attention.

Satisfied Existing Customers

We have a diverse client list that exemplifies our ability to work across a span of industries. The average length of our customer relationships is over five years. We can provide you with a representative sampling of our customer base or – better yet – our entire customer list.


American Express
Central Arizona Project
Charles Schwab
M.A. Mortenson
Tulane University
  • “We embarked on a journey to make our business continuity program more meaningful to our employees. The support and expertise from MHA made it possible to move our continuity program to the next level.  We now have an improved program that provides a better overall service to the entire business."

    Phil Cook Director, Technology, Operations & Maintenance, Leading Water Utility
  • "MHA's expertise in facilitating relevant and meaningful tabletop emergency response exercises is second to none.  Michael Herrera and his team have been instrumental in moving our school district to the forefront of emergency response capabilities."

    Mark Pompano Director of Security, Newtown Public Schools
  • "Our goal was to make our business continuity program not only more meaningful and usable to our organization, but to make risk mitigation a strategic advantage.  As a global organization with operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, we needed a skilled business partner to help us develop a program that provided consistency across the organization – and one that was tailored to meet the specific needs of each local office.  MHA provided us the support and expertise we needed to make this possible and, as a result, we now have robust BCM program that provides functional service, protection and recoverability to the entire global business."

    James A. Garrett Vice President, Associate General Counsel, Litigation|NuVasive, Inc.
  • "Michael Herrera and MHA are clearly the domain experts in the segment of resiliency. Their high level of professionalism and knowledge of particular industry standards are the reason we at John Jay College often seek their counsel."

    Anthony L. Gentile Senior Adjunct Professor and CEO, Center for Private Security and Safety, John Jay College of Criminal Justice,