Business Continuity

Our business continuity consulting and management services will help you minimize your company’s level of risk and increase your resiliency.

Could you maintain business as usual in the face of disruption?

When it comes to Business Continuity and business in general, different organizations will have different needs, but it all comes down to that question. With experience across multiple industries, MHA Consulting has full capability to create plans for complex problems to meet concise solutions.

Don’t let your business resiliency fall by the wayside because of short staffing, lack of technical knowledge or other business pressures.

We offer a complete portfolio of business continuity consulting services to assess, implement, exercise and maintain the maturity and sophistication of your Business Continuity program.

Assess Your Business Continuity

assess business continuity

Current State Assessment (CSA)

MHA’s Current State Assessment (CSA) provides an in-depth assessment of the capability and maturity of your current Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Programs based on industry best practices and standards. The CSA will provide you with detailed findings, recommendations and metrics defining the current maturity and recovery capability of your programs. At the end of the study, MHA provides expert recommendations to heighten the sophistication and maturity of your recovery programs. The CSA is an excellent first step for new and existing programs to establish a baseline of maturity and capability and to develop a roadmap for future improvement.

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

A rigorous Business Impact Analysis (BIA), including an analysis of recovery strategy options, addresses the key first step of aligning business requirements with IT recovery capabilities. Using its comprehensive BIA process, MHA identifies the business processes and information technology that are critical to the livelihood of an organization by determining the quantitative and qualitative impacts of downtime. The process further defines the organization’s target Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

Threat & Risk Assessment (TRA)

The Threat & Risk Assessment (TRA) identifies the man-made, technological and natural threats that can adversely affect your key business and IT processing facilities. The study assesses the probability and potential impact of each threat and level of mitigation. MHA provides an in-depth report that identifies critical areas of risk and exposure and provides prioritized recommendations for improvement.

Implement Your BCM Program

disaster recovery consulting services

Business Recovery Plan Development

While many organizations have information technology recovery plans, we have found that many fail to address business process continuity. Our teams design effective and thorough recovery plans and strategies that address the real impacts of an outage on your business operations. From the BIA to plan development and testing, our consultants help you mitigate business, environmental, man-made and technology risks inherent in your business.

Recovery Strategies

Defining your business continuity strategy reduces the impact of a disruption and the cost of compliance, while improving the efficiency of recovery efforts – reducing wasted time and money. MHA provides a detailed design (depending on your predefined recovery objectives, strategies and scenarios) and implements the technology infrastructure needed to recover assets and continue IT-supported business processes. We focus on the key people, processes, technology assets and data that are vital to your operations.

Exercise Your BCM Strategy

exercise your business continuity program

Business Recovery Plan Exercises

Exercises keep your Business Continuity planning program in line with your business requirements and objectives on an ongoing basis by validating whether your plans will achieve your pre-defined RTOs and RPOs. MHA consultants are experts in executing tests and simulations of predefined recovery and contingency procedures and making recommendations for improvement.

Mock Disaster Exercise

Mock Disaster Exercises validate your Crisis Management Team’s ability to effectively respond to and recover from a potential or actual crisis situation. Since its inception in 1999, MHA Consulting has performed over 500 enterprise mock disaster exercises for companies of all sizes. Our approach to performing a mock exercise incorporates both senior management and business unit leaders, as we guide the organization from the start of an event to successful recovery. Each scenario MHA uses takes a great deal of planning and in-house creativity. Please call us today to discuss how our personalized process can help you and your organization ensure the successful management of your response and recovery.

BCM Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

business continuity maintenance

Business Continuity Planning is an ongoing process. Maintaining and updating your plans is an essential phase that keeps your program in line with your business requirements and objectives. MHA Consulting’s BCM planning methodology, or process, provides a framework of requirements, efforts and deliverables, each leading into the next phase of a continuous improvement cycle.

Who We’ve Helped


American Express
Central Arizona Project
Charles Schwab
M.A. Mortenson
Tulane University
  • “We embarked on a journey to make our business continuity program more meaningful to our employees. The support and expertise from MHA made it possible to move our continuity program to the next level.  We now have an improved program that provides a better overall service to the entire business."

    Phil Cook Director, Technology, Operations & Maintenance, Leading Water Utility
  • "MHA's expertise in facilitating relevant and meaningful tabletop emergency response exercises is second to none.  Michael Herrera and his team have been instrumental in moving our school district to the forefront of emergency response capabilities."

    Mark Pompano Director of Security, Newtown Public Schools
  • "Our goal was to make our business continuity program not only more meaningful and usable to our organization, but to make risk mitigation a strategic advantage.  As a global organization with operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, we needed a skilled business partner to help us develop a program that provided consistency across the organization – and one that was tailored to meet the specific needs of each local office.  MHA provided us the support and expertise we needed to make this possible and, as a result, we now have robust BCM program that provides functional service, protection and recoverability to the entire global business."

    James A. Garrett Vice President, Associate General Counsel, Litigation|NuVasive, Inc.
  • "Michael Herrera and MHA are clearly the domain experts in the segment of resiliency. Their high level of professionalism and knowledge of particular industry standards are the reason we at John Jay College often seek their counsel."

    Anthony L. Gentile Senior Adjunct Professor and CEO, Center for Private Security and Safety, John Jay College of Criminal Justice,