BCM Training and Awareness

Protect your organization with our proven business continuity training and awareness program.

BCM Training and Awareness

Ensure Your Staff is Trained with Industry Best Practices

Regularly scheduled training programs for your Crisis Management Team, Recovery Teams and employees will enhance the sophistication and maturity of your Business Continuity Program. Training can be used to heighten awareness and increase support for your program; to familiarize your Crisis Management and Recovery Teams with plan elements and processes; and to reinforce basic knowledge of the plan among all employees.

Regardless of how you implement training and testing, there are specific elements that should be covered in your program. Team leaders need to know how and when to activate the plan; how to notify, assemble and manage teams; and how to communicate effectively across organizational boundaries in a stressful situation.

MHA consultants are experienced at providing all levels of training, from new to experienced staff. We can tailor your training program to the specific needs of your participants, including employee training sessions, IT/DR exercises, Crisis Management and Emergency Management Team mock exercises, plan walk-throughs and much more.

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