Crisis Management Services

Our comprehensive crisis management services will help you minimize the impact of a disruption on your organization.

Crisis Management

MHA Consulting will help you develop a crisis-ready culture that produces successful outcomes.

With Crisis Management Team (CMT) development,  mock disaster exercises, and team training , MHA Consulting uses a proven industry methodology and a collaborative style that works to complement your organization’s strengths.

To paraphrase the old adage, “the best offense is a good defense.” When it comes to crisis management, your defense is your business continuity plan, and your team needs to be in place to facilitate that plan. MHA Consulting has decades of experience assisting our clients and their senior teams with the creation of a CMT and the documentation of its plan.

Our Crisis Management Services

Implement Business Continuity

Team Plan Creation

MHA Consulting uses industry best practices and standards (for example, ICS and NIMS) when assisting a client and its senior team with the creation of a Crisis Management Team (CMT) and CMT Plan. We begin with a thorough review of the CMT process, roles and responsibilities, and plan outline. We review specific threats to the client (such as hurricane or tornado) and include detailed checklists to facilitate CMT response if needed.

Emergency Notification System Implementation

MHA Consulting is an objective partner to the nation’s leading Emergency Notification System (ENS) vendors. MHA can help you find a vendor that best fits your needs and will manage the implementation efforts of any Emergency Notification System you choose.

Mock Disaster Exercise

Mock Disaster Exercises validate your Crisis Management Team’s ability to effectively respond to and recover from a potential or actual crisis situation. Since its inception in 1999, MHA Consulting has performed over 500 enterprise mock disaster exercises for companies of all sizes. Our approach to performing a mock exercise incorporates both senior management and business unit leaders, as we guide the organization from the start of an event to successful recovery. Each scenario MHA uses takes a great deal of planning and in-house creativity. Please call us today to discuss how our personalized process can help you and your organization ensure the successful management of your response and recovery.

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