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IT/DR Recovery that ensures your resiliency. 

Disaster Recovery Consulting Services

MHA Consulting will help you develop a mature and sophisticated IT Disaster Recovery Planning program.

Assess Your Environment

Current State Assessment (CSA)

MHA’s Current State Assessment (CSA) provides an in-depth assessment of the capability and maturity of your current Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Programs based on industry best practices and standards. The CSA will provide you with detailed findings, recommendations and metrics defining the current maturity and recovery capability of your programs. At the end of the study, MHA provides expert recommendations to heighten the sophistication and maturity of your recovery programs. The CSA is an excellent first step for new and existing programs to establish a baseline of maturity and capability and to develop a roadmap for future improvement.

Implement Your Disaster Recovery Program

Disaster Recovery Plans

Information Technology is a critical component of today’s business processes. Through the alignment of strategic and tactical planning, we create, review, test and update plans. This validates technical and logistical capabilities to respond to meet Recovery Time and Point Objectives.

Data Center Recovery Strategies

Today’s business relies heavily on Information Technology to be highly available and to operate with minimal disruption in a disaster. The need for a well-thought-out, comprehensive data center recovery solution that meets the needs of the business is key to a successful BCP program. MHA’s data center recovery strategy process provides a documented business case to help guide your data center recovery decisions. Recovery options, recommendations, associated costs, data center requirements and relocation/migration strategy are all included to provide management with the information needed to make the right decisions. Is your data center recovery strategy consistent with the current and future needs of your business?

Data Center Relocation

MHA provides comprehensive planning, project management and implementation services for clients requiring Data Center Relocation due to consolidations, migrations, acquisitions, business moves or other strategic business reasons. Our Data Center Relocation IT service provides quality pre-move, move and post-move services.

Crisis Management

Management’s actions in the first hours of a crisis situation can have a great impact on a company’s ability to respond and recover with minimal economic, reputational and physical impacts. We help you build plans that define the roles and responsibilities of individuals, enabling timely action that addresses critical issues. This limits the impact of a crisis situation on people, infrastructure and essential business functions. Is your team identified and ready to make the right decisions in a crisis?

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