Business Continuity as a Service

Our Business Continuity as a Service (BCaaS) is proven to build executable programs in a timely, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

Our BCaaS addresses many of the challenges facing BCM programs today:

  • Limited budget and people for a properly resourced BCM Program.


  • Demand for experienced staff to manage your BCM program.


  • Lack of experienced subject matter experts.


  • Compliance with customer, regulatory or audit requirements.


  • Need for automated tools for BCM planning.


  • Need to justify the BCM program to senior management.

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Is Your Organization Suited for MHA’s BCaaS?

Our BCaaS is well suited for most companies, especially those that:


  • Lack direction about what BCM means for the organization.


  • Need seasoned resources to jump start BCM efforts.


  • Lack a BCM program or have a program that is limited or outdated.


  • Expect a BCM program to be built the right way the first time.


  • Don’t want to make BCM a core competency or hire additional staff.

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The MHA BCaaS Timeline

Our BCaaS approach focuses on building a sustainable program that can take between one to three years, depending on organizational size and demands. We strive to build a sound foundation for your program, with the majority of the heavy lifting completed upfront and quickly progressing to a maintenance and continuous improvement stage that your organization can take control of, if so desired.

Program Admin Crisis Management BCP DRP
Year 1 Conduct Current State · Document Policy · Implement Steering Committee · BIA Build Crisis Team & Plan · Conduct Training & Awareness · Hold Mock Disaster Exercise BCPs for up to 10 business units · Training & Awareness DRP for data center · Training & Awareness · Conduct systems recovery exercise
Year 2 Conduct Risk Assessment for key sites · Update BCM Policy & Standards Update Crisis Team Plan · Hold Mock Disaster Exercise Update Existing BCPs · Expand BCPs for additional or new business units Conduct systems recovery exercise
Year 3 Maintenance & continuous improvement Maintenance & continuous improvement Maintenance & continuous improvement Maintenance & continuous improvement

BCMMETRICS Business Continuity Management Software

Our BCaaS includes a license to our powerful BCMMETRICS suite of tools. These tools allow you to focus your resources where they need to be – on BCM program development, implementation, and testing. The BCMMETRICS toolset provides full functionality in a simple, easy to use SaaS package:

Comprehensive Tool Functionality The Benefits of our Tool Set
Assess and Manage Compliance and Risk
Unlimited User SaaS licenses
Conduct Enterprise BIAs
Complete turnkey management
Build and Maintain BCM Templates and Plans
Templates and reports for all aspects of the BCM program
Map Your Sites and Securely Store Your Plans
Enterprise map view of your sites and their plans
Manage and Report on the Program and Incidents
Strategic, Operational and Incident dashboard

Is MHA BCaaS a Good Investment?

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BCaaS yields a significant return on investment by building a sound program foundation from the start, eliminating the errors, missteps, and confusion often encountered in developing a BCM program.

The financial investment for BCaaS varies based on organizational size and need, but the investment per year is typically less than the fully loaded cost to employ a full-time senior-level BCM professional.

Included in the cost of the annual BCaaS is access to one or more of MHA’s BCM experts, each with 15 years or more of BCM experience, as required to meet your needs.

Learn more about how our BCaaS can help you build a world-class program that makes sense for your organization.

Who We’ve Helped


American Express
Central Arizona Project
Charles Schwab
M.A. Mortenson
Tulane University
  • “We embarked on a journey to make our business continuity program more meaningful to our employees. The support and expertise from MHA made it possible to move our continuity program to the next level.  We now have an improved program that provides a better overall service to the entire business."

    Phil Cook Director, Technology, Operations & Maintenance, Leading Water Utility
  • "MHA's expertise in facilitating relevant and meaningful tabletop emergency response exercises is second to none.  Michael Herrera and his team have been instrumental in moving our school district to the forefront of emergency response capabilities."

    Mark Pompano Director of Security, Newtown Public Schools
  • "Our goal was to make our business continuity program not only more meaningful and usable to our organization, but to make risk mitigation a strategic advantage.  As a global organization with operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, we needed a skilled business partner to help us develop a program that provided consistency across the organization – and one that was tailored to meet the specific needs of each local office.  MHA provided us the support and expertise we needed to make this possible and, as a result, we now have robust BCM program that provides functional service, protection and recoverability to the entire global business."

    James A. Garrett Vice President, Associate General Counsel, Litigation|NuVasive, Inc.
  • "Michael Herrera and MHA are clearly the domain experts in the segment of resiliency. Their high level of professionalism and knowledge of particular industry standards are the reason we at John Jay College often seek their counsel."

    Anthony L. Gentile Senior Adjunct Professor and CEO, Center for Private Security and Safety, John Jay College of Criminal Justice,