Who We Are

MHA Consulting is a proven leader among business continuity and disaster recovery agencies.

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MHA Consulting Cloud Computing Award

Founded in 1999, MHA Consulting is a leading business continuity consulting firm to public and private businesses across the globe. We are a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and are recognized for our experience and results across a wide range of industries, protecting trillions of dollars in global-market assets for today’s leading companies.

We have partnered with multiple industry thought-leaders to create educational guides and presentations that move the industry forward and set high standards for us and our competitors. We have been recognized by CIO ApplicationsDisaster Recovery JournalContinuity InsightsBeyond Insurance and TechTarget. 

Our number one goal is to provide a high profile presence that sends a clear message that we are serious about protecting your organization’s assets and staff. You can also expect:

Honesty – The foundation upon which MHA Consulting is built. It is one of the core values that link each of us. Our solid reputation for honesty is the result of the performance of the men and women of MHA Consulting, and it creates successful long-term relationships with our customers, open communication, a strong sense of being a family and a better overall work environment.

Entrepreneurship – Actions speak louder than words. MHA Consulting is known to be very focused on our customers’ businesses, as well as our own. We want to prove to our customers every day that we are committed to their success. We have created an environment in which innovation can thrive, helping our customers and ourselves to improve.

Reliability and Responsibility– Reliability and responsibility are key words in the MHA Consulting motto. Decisions within MHA Consulting are made by each of our advisory consultants, with access to any necessary insight from the management team. We offer our consultants ownership of the company and in return receive commitment, responsibility, loyalty and initiative. This enables us to serve our customers better.

Quality – We conduct ourselves professionally, promise only what we can deliver, and deliver what we promise. We not only adhere to the highest standards of our field, we often create those standards through our passion for quality.