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resiliency consulting

MHA is experienced and prepared to take you and your organization on its journey from continuity to resiliency.

The world is more turbulent than ever. Meanwhile, the shift toward an always-on culture has seen the term business continuity give way to the concept of resiliency. Business continuity was about recovering from outages, but resiliency adds a new emphasis on being able to withstand and continue moving forward no matter the difficult conditions. 

At MHA, we can help you and your organization migrate from being continuity focused to being resiliency focused across your people, processes, and technology:  Our approach is pragmatic and provides a defined path to resiliency over time by: 

  • Conducting the Current State Assessment (CSA), Business Impact Analysis (BIA), and Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA) to reveal the current resiliency posture, the organization’s most significant threats, and the most critical business processes that need resiliency.  
  • Determining the needs, strategies, and solutions to increase the organization’s resiliency across all areas.  
  • Identifying vulnerabilities of the organization’s physical locations and technological processes, identifying which need to be highly available and which do not. 
  • Looking at frequently overlooked areas such as people, processes, and third-party vendors.  
  • Identifying single points of failure (SPOFs).  
  • Examining the organization’s resiliency from the IT/DR perspective.  
  • Driving home the importance of chaos testing, verification, validation, and ongoing maintenance, critical aspects of resiliency that many organizations overlook, often to their cost.  
  • Developing a roadmap setting out a scheduled list of future steps the organization should take to heighten its resiliency moving forward.  

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