Professional Team Engages MHA Consulting for Enhanced Emergency Preparedness Measures 

As part of their ongoing commitment to safety and preparedness, a prominent NFL team has engaged MHA Consulting. This collaboration aims to conduct comprehensive mock disaster exercises, further strengthening the organization’s readiness for various emergency scenarios. MHA Consulting will work alongside Kroll, a leader in risk and financial advisory for this engagement.  

Emphasizing the priority of safety and proactive measures, this initiative underscores the team’s dedication to ensuring the well-being and security of all involved parties. By turning disaster awareness into hands-on education, this partnership will establish robust protocols and procedures and equip the organization with the knowledge and skills to mitigate potential crises effectively. 

Highlighting the importance of this partnership, Michael Herrera, CEO of MHA Consulting, states, “Collaborating with this team and Kroll is a significant step in furthering our mission of enhancing disaster preparedness across various industries. Through these mock disaster exercises, we aim to empower this team to face emergencies confidently and efficiently. Their proactive approach to safety and preparedness is commendable and sets a powerful precedent.” 

Through this alliance, the team, MHA Consulting, and Kroll epitomize the importance of proactive preparedness in today’s shifting risk landscape. This collaborative endeavor will enhance the team’s resilience capabilities, ensuring they can respond effectively and immediately to any potential disruption or emergency. 

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