MHA Consulting Strengthens Business Continuity Practices for Leading Global Private Equity Firm 

MHA Consulting is proud to continue our engagement with one of the world’s top-ranking global private equity firms. This prestigious entity, headquartered in New York, has a rich history of private equity investing and is celebrated for its strategic investments and influential presence in the global market.

Our partnership centers on enhancing the private equity firm’s resilience through in-depth business continuity strategies, ensuring that it remains robust and responsive to potential global disruptions. The firm is recognized for being among the top 10 largest private equity entities worldwide, reflecting its deep industry expertise, extensive portfolio, and consistent track record of successful investments across various sectors and geographic regions. By leveraging MHA Consulting’s extensive experience and tailored approach to business continuity planning, the initiative aims to secure continuous operations and investment activities, safeguarding stakeholder interests and maintaining market leadership.

Michael Herrera, CEO of MHA Consulting, comments, “We are proud to collaborate with a global leader in the private equity space. Our goal is to further bolster their operational resilience and ensure they continue to set benchmarks in investment success, regardless of external pressures. In the fluctuating landscape of global finance and investment, preparedness and strategic foresight are invaluable assets.”

This collaboration underscores the private equity firm’s proactive approach to risk management and organizational sustainability. It also highlights MHA Consulting’s commitment to delivering comprehensive business continuity solutions that protect and enhance the operations of global financial leaders.

Business continuity consulting for today’s leading companies.

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