MHA Consulting Selected by Leading Healthcare Education Institute to Further Develop Business Continuity and Crisis Communication Plans

MHA Consulting, a trusted leader in business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services, has been further engaged by a leading nonprofit healthcare education institute to develop business continuity and crisis communication plans.  

Having a 30 year history of educating healthcare professionals, this nonprofit healthcare education institute boasts nearly 100,000 alumni across the globe. Given the rise of disruptive incidents, the organization is taking proactive measures to strengthen its resilience and ensure operational continuity in the event of a crisis.  

MHA Consulting, with its extensive experience in secondary education consulting, will work with the institute to develop detailed business continuity plans and crisis communication strategies. The plans will be centered on developing robust frameworks that enable the nonprofit educational institute to continue its vital work and maintain the trust of its alumni and stakeholders, despite any disruptive events.  

Michael Herrera, CEO of MHA Consulting, expressed his appreciation and excitement about the engagement. “It’s an honor to be working with a leading nonprofit healthcare education institute that has had such a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry. We are thrilled about the opportunity to contribute to its mission of educating next-generation healthcare professionals by ensuring operational continuity, building resilience, and protecting the well-being of its alumni and stakeholders.”  

MHA Consulting will deploy its team of experienced professionals and robust methodologies to develop a customized plan and communication strategy that is tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare education institute. The plan will be designed to align with industry best practices and standards for healthcare organizations.  

Through this partnership, MHA Consulting aims to support the institute’s mission of shaping the future of healthcare by equipping it with the tools it needs to effectively navigate future disruptions, overcome challenges, and continue serving the needs of the community. 

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MHA Consulting is a trusted leader in business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services. With a deep understanding of industry best practices and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions, MHA Consulting helps organizations across various sectors prepare for and respond to potential disruptions. With a team of experienced professionals and comprehensive methodologies, the company empowers its clients to build resilient and sustainable businesses. 

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