MHA Consulting Re-Engaged for Advanced Disaster Response Exercises in Newtown 

MHA Consulting, a leader in the field of business continuity and disaster recovery planning, is honored to announce its latest engagement with the Town of Newtown, Connecticut, and its Board of Education. This renewed collaboration underscores a continued commitment to enhancing the disaster preparedness and response capabilities within the Newtown School District and among local emergency services personnel. 

Since the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary in December 2012, MHA Consulting has worked closely with Newtown to facilitate a series of mock disaster exercises, each aimed at bolstering the community’s resilience and recovery strategies. CEO Michael Herrera commented on the ongoing partnership, saying, “Our work with Newtown since the Sandy Hook shootings has been profoundly impactful. We’ve witnessed significant advancements in their emergency preparedness and response mechanisms. It’s with great anticipation that we engage once again to elevate their capabilities to new heights.” 

MHA Consulting prides itself on a longstanding tradition of supporting educational institutions across the United States, leveraging our comprehensive expertise to address the unique challenges associated with school safety and emergency response. Our continued involvement with Newtown serves as a testament to our role as trusted advisors and our unwavering dedication to fostering safe and secure learning environments. 

As we move forward, MHA Consulting remains dedicated to translating our depth of experience into actionable strategies that not only meet, but exceed, the safety and preparedness expectations of the communities and organizations we serve. 

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