MHA Consulting Partners with Global Leader in Standards Development to Strengthen Business Continuity and Resilience 

MHA Consulting, a trusted leader in business continuity and disaster recovery consulting, has been engaged by a prominent developer of international voluntary consensus standards. Through a comprehensive suite of services MHA Consulting aims to enhance the organization’s business continuity capabilities and bolster their reputation in the industry. 

MHA Consulting, a renowned expert in business continuity and disaster recovery consulting, is pleased to announce their engagement with a prominent developer of international voluntary consensus standards. This collaboration between MHA Consulting and this leader in standards development seeks to strengthen the organization’s business continuity capabilities through a range of essential services. 

For over a century, the participant has been a driving force in the development of international voluntary consensus standards. With an unwavering commitment to safety, sustainability, efficiency, and quality, they have become a globally recognized authority in their field. Their standards provide a solid foundation for numerous industries and ensure best practices, high standards, and consistency across various sectors. 

“We are honored to partner with this influential leader in standards development to enhance their business continuity and resilience,” said Michael Herrera, CEO of MHA Consulting. “Through our comprehensive suite of services, we will assist the participant in conducting a thorough threat and risk assessment, performing a Business Impact Analysis, developing enterprise business continuity plans, crafting crisis communication strategies, conducting mock disaster exercises, and implementing training programs to prepare their staff for potential disruptions.” 

MHA Consulting’s engagement will commence with a comprehensive threat and risk assessment. By analyzing the participant’s operational landscape, vulnerabilities, and potential risks, MHA Consulting will provide insights and recommendations to fortify their business continuity capabilities. 

Building upon this assessment, MHA Consulting will conduct a thorough Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to identify critical business functions, assess risks, and determine the potential impact of disruptions. Armed with this vital information, MHA Consulting will collaborate with the participant to develop robust, enterprise-wide business continuity plans designed to maintain essential operations during challenging times. 

Recognizing the significance of effective communication during crises, MHA Consulting will assist in the development of a crisis communication plan. This plan will enable the participant to swiftly and accurately communicate with stakeholders, ensuring timely and reliable information is shared. 

To validate and refine their strategies, the participant will undergo a mock disaster exercise facilitated by MHA Consulting. This exercise will simulate various emergency scenarios, allowing the participant to test their response plans, identify areas for improvement, and enhance their preparedness. 

In addition, MHA Consulting will develop and implement comprehensive training and awareness programs to educate the participant’s staff on business continuity best practices, promote a culture of preparedness, and equip them with the necessary skills to respond effectively in the face of disruptions. 

This collaboration between MHA Consulting and this organization exemplifies their shared vision of promoting safety, standards, and excellence in their respective fields. Through this partnership, the participant will further solidify their reputation as a trusted leader in standards development, instilling confidence in industries worldwide. 

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