MHA Consulting Engaged by International Pioneer in Smart Transportation Technology Solutions  

MHA Consulting is pleased to announce a new partnership with a global leader in smart transportation. The organization provides tech-led solutions to address transportation challenges in more than 15 countries worldwide. MHA will begin this engagement with a platform technology impact analysis, leading us to develop resilient strategies and robust disaster recovery plans that are validated with an exercise.  

Michael Herrera, CEO of MHA Consulting, elaborates on the partnership, stating, “We look forward to enabling this smart transportation developer to maintain their mission of connecting people, technology, and data across the smart mobility ecosystem. In the face of potential risks and disruptions, our objective is to strengthen their resilience, ensuring they can continue to innovate and drive change in the smart transportation sector globally.”  

Over two decades, MHA Consulting has played a pivotal role in aiding leading logistics and transportation providers to establish and uphold robust continuity programs. These initiatives help clear the path for organizations to continue their operations, regardless of challenges that may arise. MHA’s services aim to provide strategies that ensure operational stability and resilience, removing roadblocks and facilitating continuous progress in their respective sectors.  

With this new engagement, MHA Consulting continues its commitment to safeguard critical operations and systems, providing comprehensive business continuity management solutions that align with the highest industry standards and best practices. 

Business continuity consulting for today’s leading companies.

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