MHA Consulting Engaged by America’s Leading Dental Insurance Provider 

MHA Consulting has been selected by America’s leading dental insurance provider to provide a comprehensive business continuity program . MHA will collaborate closely with Kroll to usher in top-tier, comprehensive business continuity services, ensuring this vital health enterprise continues to enhance oral health for millions through robust dental insurance and philanthropic work. 

Michael Herrera, CEO of MHA Consulting, heralded this new relationship: “Ensuring the sustainability of an organization that safeguards the smiles of over 80 million Americans is a profound responsibility that we embrace wholeheartedly. Our team is determined to help this organization protect and advance the oral health of their members, honoring their position as the foremost dental benefits provider in the United States.” 

With an illustrious history of serving the insurance industry, MHA Consulting has built a reputation for developing resilient business continuity programs that insurance service providers can rely on. Through decades of practice, MHA’s strategic planning and risk management have enabled insurance companies to offer uninterrupted service to their clients, even amidst disruptions. Our work reflects an understanding of the unique challenges faced by the insurance sector, providing peace of mind and security for both the providers and their policyholders. 

With this collaboration, MHA Consulting will reinforce its vision of formulating and implementing rigorous business continuity strategies that echo the commitment to excellence and customer care championed by America’s leading dental insurance provider. 

Business continuity consulting for today’s leading companies.

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