Leading Member-Owned Credit Union Enhances Enterprise Business Continuity Management Program with Assistance from MHA Consulting 

MHA Consulting has been engaged to conduct a Current State Assessment and enhance its enterprise Business Continuity Management program. The collaboration aims to ensure that the Credit Union is well-prepared for any future business disruption incidents that may arise. 

MHA Consulting has been engaged to conduct a Current State Assessment to improve the enterprise Business Continuity Management program of one of California’s premier member-owned credit unions serving over 100,000 members. This partnership aims to empower the organization to maintain operational resilience and provide optimal service delivery to its members, even during unexpected disruptions.  

MHA Consulting will conduct a review of the Credit Union’s current business continuity program and its ability to effectively respond and recover from unplanned disruptions. The result will be a Business Continuity Management program designed to help the organization prepare for and react to any potential disruptions, whether they are major or minor. 

“We are excited to be working with this financial partner to enhance their Business Continuity Management program,” said Michael Herrera, the CEO of MHA Consulting. “Our team at MHA Consulting is committed to leveraging industry-leading practices and customizing our solutions to the specific needs of each client to help them achieve optimal results. We will approach this engagement as we do all our engagements: as a true partnership dedicated to delivering exceptional results and brining their BCM program to the next level of sophistication and maturity.” 

For more information about MHA Consulting and its services, please visit mha-it.com. 

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MHA Consulting is a trusted leader in business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services. With a deep understanding of industry best practices and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions, MHA Consulting helps organizations across various sectors prepare for and respond to potential disruptions. With a team of experienced professionals and comprehensive methodologies, the company empowers its clients to build resilient and sustainable businesses. 

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