American Luxury Jewelry Brand Engages MHA Consulting to Heighten Business Continuity Management Program 

An established American luxury jewelry brand headquartered in New York has engaged MHA Consulting to enhance their enterprise Business Continuity Management program. The collaboration will involve executing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to identify critical business functions, assess risks, and enhance the organization’s preparedness. 

MHA Consulting, a trusted leader in business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services, has been engaged by an American luxury jewelry brand to elevate their Business Continuity Management program’s sophistication and maturity. This partnership aims to equip the organization to navigate potential disruptions and protect their reputation as a trusted provider of luxury goods. 

Founded in 1837, the brand has a rich heritage steeped in craftsmanship, quality, and excellence. With headquarters in New York City and stores spanning the globe, their sterling silver and diamond jewelry has been a hallmark of luxury for generations. 

MHA Consulting’s approach to Business Continuity Management recognizes the importance of aligning with the organization’s goals and objectives while utilizing proven methodologies and strategies to enhance preparedness. The result will be an elevated Business Continuity Management program that aligns with the brand’s culture of excellence and underscores its commitment to customer satisfaction and delivery of exceptional luxury goods. 

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MHA Consulting is a trusted leader in business continuity and disaster recovery consulting services. With a deep understanding of industry best practices and a commitment to delivering tailored solutions, MHA Consulting helps organizations across various sectors prepare for and respond to potential disruptions. With a team of experienced professionals and comprehensive methodologies, the company empowers its clients to build resilient and sustainable businesses. 

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