Availability vs. Recoverability

The MHA Consulting Team

Are You Confusing Availability with Recoverability in Your DR strategy?

Richard Long, Senior Advisory Consultant, Security Issues

There is a fire in the data center and applications are not available for 48 to 72 hours. Once the applications are available, the CIO receives numerous emails praising the efforts of the recovery team. A month later, the ERP system has 2 short (1 hour) outages and 3 increased response time events over a 1-month period. The CIO receives numerous emails on how poorly the IT team supports applications. Why the differing perception?

  • Many BCP/DR professionals worry about how to implement an effective RTO strategy for the organization’s application – recoverability.
  • Most individuals using applications on a daily basis are concerned with day-to-day access to applications when it is needed – availability.

Have you considered how availability and recoverability are implemented in your environment and which has the most business impact? If not, look at the requirements for these concepts and think about how you might be able to leverage them. Look for more on this topic from MHA in upcoming newsletters and blogs.

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