BC/DR Project initiation

Michael Herrera

Project initiation is one of the most important elements in BC/DR planning, because without full organizational support, the plan will be incomplete. As a planner, there may be limits to what you can do to create a functional, organization wide BC/DR Plan.

Though you may be knowledgeable about the overall business structure and particular business applications there are many factors that need to be understood in order to develop a good plan.

Listed below are a few questions to consider when in the beginning stages of developing a BC/DR plan.

  • What users have interactions with the application?
  • Do you know how to set permissions for a particulate business application?
  • How users interact with that business function and what work would be required to get the business function back up and running?
  • If the application server is destroyed, does the company have data backups; do you also have a backup server?
  • Is there a way to allow users to connect to the application securely?
  • Where are the users located?
  • How will business resume?
  • Can it resume without that application in the near-term or not?


To be able to accurately answer all these questions it requires input and assessment from subject matter experts in other departments or divisions. Therefore, getting executive and companywide support for the BC/DR planning process is absolutely key to its success of your BR/DR Plans.