Using the A.P.I.E. Methodology to Focus your Crisis Management Team Decision Making and Action Planning

Michael Herrera

Getting your Crisis Management Team to focus strategically and use a repeatable process to assess, plan, implement and evaluate a response is key to a successful recovery in an unplanned disruption.

At MHA, we recommend the A.P.I.E. approach to Crisis Management Team’s.  The A.P.I.E. approach stands for Assess the Problem, Plan the Response, Implement the Plan and Evaluate the Response.

STEP 1. Assess the Problem

  • Perform a Risk Assessment
  • Survey the scene
  • Collect Intel
  • Establish command

STEP 2.  Plan the Response

  • Review Your BCP Strategy
  • Prioritize
  • Set Objectives
  • Complete Action Plan to Implement Response

STEP 3. Implement the Plan

  • Delegate implementation of tactical action items
  • Delegate tactical action items as much as possible

STEP 4.  Evaluate the Response

  • Continue to evaluate
  • Confirm actions

The response you plan and implement should follow Incident objectives that are established based on the following priorities:

#1: Life Safety

#2: Incident Stabilization

#3: Property Preservation

#4: Restoration of Business and Technical Operations

Using a consistent approach to incident management ensures your response and recovery will be consistent, leading to better decision making and shorter recovery times.

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