So You Want to Be a BCP Consultant?

Michael Herrera

On my travels across the USA on client engagements, I am often asked what does it take to be a successful consultant in the field of BCP.   In mulling this over, below are what I consider key to your success as a consultant: 

  • Integrity
  • Superior Listening Skills
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Willingness to Do the Dirty Work
  • High Levels Of Performance
  • Sound Knowledge Of All Areas Of BCP And The Proven Ability To Implement All Aspects Of It
  • Ability To Speak To All Levels Of Senior Management And Staff
  • Second To None Presentation Skills
  • Ability To Think On Your Feet
  • Dress Appropriately And Present A Highly Professional And Well Groomed Appearance
  • Etiquette
  • Ability To Get Things Done And Have Them Work
  • Superior Facilitation Skills
  • Exude Confidence At All Times
  • Bullet Proof References
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Knowing Your Strengths and Weaknesses

In the end, it comes down to the relationships you have established with your clients for you to be successful long-term.  The greatest vote of confidence is having your clients refer you to their colleagues or speak to your prospective clients with no hesitation.  At MHA, we retain clients an average of five years; we are very proud of this fact and do everything we can to protect our reputation as well as our client relationship.

About MHA:  MHA Consulting, with its decade-long track record, is a proven leader in business continuity planning, disaster recovery planning, IT best practices and data center moves and relocations. Every day, MHA helps protect trillions of dollars of global-market assets and top companies around the world rely on MHA services for the continuity of their business. For more information on MHA, contact Michael Herrera at

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