Our approach is results-oriented. We focus not only on analysis and strategies, but on implementation, testing and maintenance as well. Is your company ready?
Does your IT DR Strategy support your business needs? At MHA, we design solutions that not only fit our client’s needs, but their budgets and capabilities as well. It’s nice to know your plan is going to work when you need it most.
MHA has the proven experience and expertise to be your Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Office. Outsourcing or augmenting your BCP or DR Office allows for the flexibility to apply the optimal level of resources in all aspects of the Business Continuity Lifecycle.
Do you know how mature and / or capable your BCP or DR program is? Can it recover your business? Contact us to see how we can objectively evaluate your programs and provide you with metrics that tell the real story.
Is your Management Team prepared? MHA is highly skilled in providing focused mock disaster exercises for all levels of Management Teams.
Do you know what business processes and computer systems are critical to your organization? Contact us to see how our comprehensive BIA process can help.


MHA is a leading business continuity consulting firm, helping protect trillions of dollars of global-market assets for today’s leading businesses.