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Your New BFFs - Compliance & Residual Risk

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your-new-bffs-thumbnailYour BCM program’s functional recovery capability is its most significant value. Measuring and understanding the level of alignment with standards, mitigation of risk, and execution in your recovery plans can provide insight into your organization’s ability to recover in the event of a disruption.

The Critical Path to Recovery

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critical-supplier-continuityIt’s the last 2 minutes in the game and you’re down by a few points. What key plays do you need to execute in order to pull ahead? How do you strategize your plan in this crucial time? Did you plan ahead for this type of situation? Now let’s apply this methodology to an incident. An incident has occurred, and the first 24 hours are the most critical. How do you react? This webinar tackles the who, what, when, where, why and how to execute your playbook in the first 24 hours.

Building an Effective Cyber Exercise

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building-cyber-exerciseHave you ever considered conducting a cyber exercise? A cyber exercise can be quite different from the usual disaster recovery exercise and there are some things you should consider when undertaking such an endeavor. Performing a cyber exercise, especially leveraging known weaknesses and gaps, should provide appropriate stress-inducing behavior. Exercises are about simulating a real event and identifying weaknesses and gaps in your technical and management capability.

Critical Supplier Continuity - Believe It or Not

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critical-supplier-continuityYour supply chain is integral to your success, and any disruption can be a major threat to business continuity. Reliance on third-party providers, key suppliers, or business partners may expose your organization to vulnerabilities that can prevent resumption of operations in a timely manner. Supply chains are vulnerable to all kinds of disruptions, including those caused by uncertain economic cycles, consumer demands, and natural and man-made disasters.

Building an Effective Disaster Recovery Exercise

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building-effective-dr-exerciseDo you hold regular disaster recovery exercises to heighten team sophistication and maturity? Performing actual recoveries, especially leveraging known weaknesses and gaps, provides appropriate stress-inducing behavior versus a game mentality. Exercises are about simulating a real event and identifying weaknesses and gaps in your technical capability.

21 Days to a Stronger, Fitter BCM Program

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You already know the importance of planning ahead to protect your business in times of distress. Business continuity management (BCM)—the development of strategies, plans, and actions that provide protection for your business in the face of what could be seriously damaging or potentially fatal disruptive incidents—is a critical component of any company’s survival strategy, and the fact that you’re working to perfect your program demonstrates a high level of commitment to ensuring that your business—and all of its employees—are well-positioned to emerge from a disruption unscathed.

Getting the BS out of the Business Impact Analysis

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A Business Impact Analysis is, at its heart, a fact-finding mission. Do the analysis right and you’ll come to a deeper, more realistic understanding of your company’s current state of operations—and pave the way for creating a business recovery strategy that actually works.  In this presentation, we cover:  who should be involved in the BIA process, the right questions to ask, how to make the process as painless as possible, and what you should do with the results.

Business Continuity Trends

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bc trendsMichael Herrera, CEO and founder of MHA Consulting, sat down with Monique Hafler, Business Continuity Management Program Administrator for the Central Arizona Project, to discuss some trends in the Business Continuity Management field.


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bcm-roiAssessing Business Continuity Management (BCM) Return on Investment (ROI) is essential to the success of your program and its ability to recover the critical operations of your organization. Understanding your BCM ROI tells you if your program is getting the intended results, and can allow for a quick course change if the numbers start to move in the wrong direction.

Emergency Management: A Discussion with Tim Newbill


Emergency Management with Tim NewbillMichael Herrera, MHA CEO and Othell T. ” Tim” Newbill III, Emergency Manager for the City of Goodyear talk about Emergency Management.

Mock Disaster Exercises: A Presentation

Download a comprehensive overview on the methodology for planning, executing and documenting a succesful Mock Disaster Exercise.


BIA Best PracticesTrying to figure out how risk management and business continuity fit together? In this presentation, we discuss BCM trends and issues, and how to leverage what you’ve learned.