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How to plan for the next inevitable emergency you and your organization will surely have to navigate through.




What happens when an insurance company with nagging doubts about their readiness in key areas calls for an independent assessment?


bia-pt-5-thumbnailMaking the Most of the Business Impact Analysis


The BIA lays the foundation for your business recovery strategies down the line, so it’s critical to convey results to stakeholders in a way that’s clear, concise, and compelling.

continuity-cultureCreating a Workplace Culture of Continuity


Just as with safety, continuity culture is where continuity concepts and considerations permeate everything that the organization does.

bia-pt-4-thumbnailConducting the BIA


Understanding the human side of the business impact analysis is critical to its success – there is no substitute for preparation, communication, and consistency in your approach.

resilience-vs-drResiliency vs. Disaster Recovery


Learn about the key differences between resiliency and disaster recovery and how to leverage both to support your organization’s critical processes.

bia-pt-3-thumbnailEstablishing a Sound Foundation for the BIA


Learn how to establish the sound foundation that is critical to the success of your BIA project.

for-want-of-a-nailFor Want of a Nail: Are You Really Prepared?


Learn how to understand the difference between having plans and being fully prepared.

A Disaster Just Hit Your Organization … Are You Ready?


Now is the time to face the fact that something bad CAN happen to you. The good news? There’s something you can do to plan for it.

MHA Recognized as Top 10 Business Continuity Consulting Company


MHA Consulting has been named one of the top 10 Business Continuity Consulting/Services Companies for 2019 by CIO Applications magazine.

bia-planning-thumbnailPlanning for the BIA


Planning your BIA is critical to the success of the project. You should have a solid understanding of these matters BEFORE you start communicating with your subject matter experts.

actual risk Understanding Real Risks to Your Organization


To be truly effective at continuity planning, we must improve our understanding of actual risks, especially those that will have the largest impact and those with the highest probability of occurring. Learn how to how to look at risk objectively to understand the difference between perceived and actual risk.

intro-to-biaIntroduction to the BIA


Getting ready to launch a BIA for your organization? The information it will reveal about your critical business operations and their dependencies will be foundational in your efforts to design a good business continuity plan.

Your BIA Action Guide: A Handbook


A complete Business Impact Analysis can be daunting if you’re unsure of who to include and what questions to ask, but this guide is meant to help you along the way so you can complete a BIA with confidence.


10 Keys to a Peak Performing BCM Program


Each of the 10 chapters of this ebook presents one of our 10 keys that will open the doors to a BCM program that you will be proud to lead and which your organization can depend on.


Mock Exercises – How to Test True Capability


Learn how to how to use mock exercises to test the true capability of your BC/DR program. This presentation will teach you about using mock exercises to enhance the maturity and recoverability of your organization.


Your New BFFs – Compliance & Residual Risk


Your BCM program’s functional recovery capability is its most significant value. Measuring and understanding the level of alignment with standards, mitigation of risk, and execution in your recovery plans can provide insight into your organization’s ability to recover in the event of a disruption. 


The Critical Path to Recovery


An incident has occurred, and the first 24 hours are the most critical. How do you react?  This webinar tackles the who, what, when, where, why and how to execute your playbook in the first 24 hours. 


Building an Effective Cyber Exercise


A cyber exercise can be quite different from the usual disaster recovery exercise and there are some things you should consider when undertaking such an endeavor.


Critical Supplier Continuity – Believe It or Not


Your supply chain is integral to your success, and any disruption can be a major threat to business continuity. Reliance on third-party providers, key suppliers, or business partners may expose your organization to vulnerabilities.


Building an Effective Disaster Recovery Exercise


Do you hold regular disaster recovery exercises to heighten team sophistication and maturity? Performing actual recoveries, especially leveraging known weaknesses and gaps, provides appropriate stress-inducing behavior versus a game mentality.

21 Days to a Stronger, Fitter BCM Program


Business continuity management (BCM)—the development of strategies, plans, and actions that provide protection for your business in the face of what could be seriously damaging or potentially fatal disruptive incidents—is a critical component of any company’s survival strategy.
getting the BS out of the BIA

Getting the BS Out of the Business Impact Analysis


A Business Impact Analysis is a fact-finding mission. Do the analysis right and you’ll come to a deeper, more realistic understanding of your company’s current state of operations—and pave the way for creating a recovery strategy that actually works. In this presentation, we cover how.


Demonstrating The Value Of Your Business Continuity Program To Management

Checklists & Guides

Your program’s functional recovery capability is its most significant value, but the benefits go far beyond that. A good BC program has numerous payoffs—both tangible and intangible—that deliver value on a daily basis.


The Complete Guide To Creating & Implementing A Business Recovery Plan

Checklists & Guides

Too many businesses struggle to survive when a crisis occurs. Whether it’s an IT failure that lasts a few days or a natural disaster that impacts your business for a month, you need to have a plan ready and waiting. Without it, you risk losing control of your company’s critical operations resulting in negative long-term effects. 

bc trends

Business Continuity Trends

Video Presentation

Michael Herrera, CEO and founder of MHA Consulting, sat down with Monique Hafler, Business Continuity Management Program Administrator for the Central Arizona Project, to discuss some trends in the Business Continuity Management field.



Video Presentation

Assessing Business Continuity Management (BCM) Return on Investment (ROI) is essential to the success of your program and its ability to recover the critical operations of your organization. Understanding your BCM ROI tells you if your program is getting the intended results, and can allow for a quick course change if the numbers start to move in the wrong direction.

Emergency Management with Tim Newbill

Emergency Management: A Discussion


Michael Herrera, MHA CEO and Othell T. ” Tim” Newbill III, Emergency Manager for the City of Goodyear talk about Emergency Management.

Mock Disaster Exercises: A Presentation

Download a comprehensive overview on the methodology for planning, executing and documenting a succesful Mock Disaster Exercise.

BIA Best Practices

BCM Trends, Issues and the Future

Trying to figure out how risk management and business continuity fit together? In this presentation, we discuss BCM trends and issues, and how to leverage what you’ve learned.