Michael Herrera Family Foundation Reaches Funding Milestone

MHA Consulting is proud to announce that the Michael Herrera Family Foundation has reached its initial funding goal of $120,000 in college scholarships as part of its Rachel and Fred Herrera scholarships for needy high school seniors.

“My parents never had the opportunity to attend college and I wanted to honor their memory in a way that aligned with their beliefs that hard work, perseverance, and a never give up attitude coupled with a good education can lead to success,” said Michael Herrera, Foundation CEO. “I thank them for giving me the vision and belief that paying it forward is essential to a life well lived.”

To win a 4 year, $10,000 Rachel Herrera or Fred Herrera scholarship is no small feat in itself. It takes a solid GPA plus completing a 15-page application that is scored by a team of evaluators; the top scorers are then invited to a 1-hour stand up interview attended by an evaluation team that includes past winners. The winners are then selected on their interview performance.

“Our foundation goal is to get 100 kids into college. To see how college can change young people’s lives not just for themselves but generations forward has been so rewarding. We stay in touch with them throughout their college years to provide support and they pay it forward by coming back to help us select future winners.”

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