Does Having a Compliant BCM Program Equate to Recoverability?

Michael Herrera

Does having a BCM program compliant with industry best practices, standards and guidelines equate to recoverability?   I do not believe it always does.  Being compliant, in my opinion, ensures the best underlying infrastructure has been assembled, implemented and integrated to  to maximize program efforts and potential for success in a disruption.  It does not mean however; that  you will recover without a hitch or difficulty in all situations.

Lets use the athlete analogy.   Being Tiger Woods doesn’t mean you will win 100% of all golf tournaments played.  Now, because of his talent, preparation and work ethic it does mean he will win more than a good share of those he plays in and so goes it for being compliant.  Working to be compliant is like building the best possible athlete to compete but you will not always dominate; there are too many variables like the people factor, events we never saw coming, just plain bad luck, etc. that can derail us.

So, working towards having a high level of compliance with industry best practices, standards and guidelines is the right thing to do.  I liken the industry best practices, standards and guidelines to a fitness program for your organization.  Some organizations get on it but quit because they get tired, lose interest or don’t want to do it on a routine basis.  Others work through the soreness, the daily grind and the sweat to build a BCM program that is strong, resilient and ready for any disruption that comes its way.

Get your BCM program on a workout routine today!