MHA Speaks at AzFirst Coalition on BIA and Crisis Management

Michael Herrera

MHA CEO Michael Herrera spoke at AzFirst’s April 23 rd meeting of BCP planners in Phoenix Arizona. AzFirst Coalition is an organization dedicated to BCP for financial institutions in the greater Phoenix area.

In the morning session, Mr. Herrera’s BIA presentation focused on making sure you used a standardized process to perform your BIA study.  It was highly recommended that you have a team defined to support the study from beginning to end.  Additionally, your BIA questionnaire should have a limited set of questions to limit the complexity.  Last, if this is your first BIA study, limit the scope to a manageable size and interview at the highest level of the organization.

In the afternoon session, Mr. Herrera’s presentation focused on developing a sound Crisis Management Team.  This included picking the right team members based on ability and not solely their ranking in the organization.  Additionally, you should have a sound decision making methodology such as A.P.I.E.  to ensure consistent decision making.  Last, the team must be regularly exercised to maximize potential for success.

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